Turning One Donation Into Many with Peer Matching

Strategies to increase program participation and amplify the power of your people



We’re influenced by our peers every day — from where to get the best slice of pizza to which social issues deserve our attention. So it’s no surprise that we’re more likely to give to a cause when family, friends and colleagues are the ones asking — 50% more likely, in fact!

Peer Matching by Benevity allows your employees to start giving campaigns for causes they care about and match their coworkers' donations to drive even more impact and connection. Part of Benevity’s leading corporate purpose software platform, this innovative feature turns moments into movements.

Watch our webinar Turning One Donation Into Many with Peer Matching. You’ll hear how purpose-driven companies like OMERS and Elastic are leveraging Peer Matching to drive grassroots participation, engagement and impact in their programs — without adding to their corporate budgets.

You'll discover:

  • A whole new way to empower your people, from a grassroots or executive level, to start their own movements and rally peer support (and how they can amplify every donation by 2 or 3 times!).
  • Strategies to integrate peer giving into your CSR program year-round or during specific campaigns, whether you have 500 or 500,000 people.
  • How easy it is to use Peer Matching — a feature that’s exclusive to Benevity — and why employee-led giving is the gateway to more participation and impact.