Make social impact simple (and fun!) with Challenges 

Easily run and measure gamified activities that encourage your employees to take small actions that drive big impact — for your people, your company and your communities.

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Bring your purpose to life

Easy to manage

Easy for anyone to do and manage

Pre-loaded Challenges — like biking to work or learning basic sign language — are simple to do, regardless of time, money or location.

Challenges — Make participation easy

A gateway to volunteering and donating

Employees who take a Challenge are 2x more likely to go on to give or volunteer on the Benevity platform, increasing overall engagement.

Challenges — Start a chain of positive actions

A culture and morale booster

Celebrating employee impact through Challenges can have a direct impact on their happiness, retention and overall job satisfaction.

Getting started with Challenges is easy


Pick your Challenges

Browse through a catalog of timely, relevant and pre-loaded Challenges or create your own in a few steps.


Engage your people

Encourage participation — effortlessly — with built-in gamification features that promote healthy competition.


Track engagement

Employees will have access to a personalized dashboard to see their progress and track their overall engagement.

Key product features

Gamified goodness


A game-centric experience incentivizes employees to complete small actions with features like leaderboards, a personalized scorecard and auto reminders.

Intuitive interface


Simple instructions make it easy to organize Challenges, measure progress and track impact. Elements like Featured Challenges and a progress bar drive even more participation.

Ready-to-publish content


Challenges come with customizable activities related to sustainability, wellness and inclusion. You can filter by activity category and duration or create your own content.

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Volunteer - In a click


What makes our challenges different?

Act on your company and employee values
Whether your main focus is well-being, inclusion or sustainability, we have challenges to cover all of it.

Get the most accessible way to give back
Challenges take very little time and no money, making it easy for all employees to participate.

Drive real cultural change
Track your progress toward Sustainable Development Goals that make a meaningful difference in the world.


Your gateway to more impact

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increase in donations when paired with Challenges.

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of first time Challenges participants go on to give or volunteer.

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more giving or volunteering from users who completed a challenge.

“We launched a Missions pilot, and in just three weeks, we saw 45% engagement, with an average of 5.9 activities per participant. We posted two new Missions activities each week and each time engagement spiked.

Nicole Frisch, Senior Director, Community Engagement
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Challenges FAQs

What is Challenges?

Challenges is Benevity’s next-generation social impact product that enables CSR leaders to run gamified activities that encourage employees to take small actions and drive big impacts — within their company, across the community and around the world.

What are examples of Challenges?

Challenges are centered around topics like sustainability, wellness and inclusion that give employees opportunities to learn, change small behaviors and be the best citizens they can be. Some examples include:

  • Cycle to work every day for one week
  • Establish a sleep schedule
  • Listen to a podcast from the LGBTQ+ community
Can I choose which Challenges I’d like to use?

Yes, Benevity offers a catalog of Challenges for you to choose from, around the topics of sustainability, wellness and diversity, equity and inclusion. The Challenges catalog will be updated regularly with new content and categories. You can also feature specific Challenges.

Can I create my own Challenges?

Yes! In just a few steps, you can create and publish your own Challenges.

Can I use Challenges with other Benevity products?

Absolutely! Challenges integrates seamlessly within the Benevity platform and our giving and volunteering modules. We encourage our clients to add Challenges as it serves as a gateway to those other activities — a first step for many on their social impact journey because it’s so easy to participate in.

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