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The switch to Benevity has built morale and loyalty. Our people loved seeing that they can give to the organizations and missions they are most passionate about, and that their employer was helping them to do that. We have received fantastic feedback throughout our entire workforce.
Corey Drushal, Corporate Giving Specialist, TQL
Our employees today are telling us even more than ever that they want to make a contribution to the causes they care about. We celebrate every company that is working to advance a future that is for everyone. Together, we can all help nonprofits achieve their missions faster.
Karen Bergin, Director of Employee Engagement, Microsoft Philanthropies
Creating a healthier California begins with creating an exceptional employee experience. Since launching Spark at Blue Shield in 2014, we’ve partnered with Benevity to create flexibility and convenience in our program and significantly increase volunteer hours from 2015 to 2016 by 173 percent.
Antoinette Terrana, Director of Corporate Citizenship, Blue Shield of California
There are many third-party giving platforms out there, but in my experience, Benevity is one of the best. Benevity makes everything easy with disbursement notifications, clear reporting with donor and contact information, and more. After working with the Benevity team, I know that they are receptive and truly want to create the best experience for nonprofits and companies.
Trina Jones, Managing Director, Health in Harmony
Charities and nonprofits are looking to build relationships with companies that go beyond the transactional transfer of money and volunteers. With Benevity’s new Missions module, companies can more easily help their employees drive action and support. And that, in my humble opinion is a game changer for companies and causes looking to work together to make real impact.
Angie Fitzgerald, Strategic Director of Corporate Alliances & Solutions, American Cancer Society.

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