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As today’s companies embrace the important role of purpose alongside performance, one of the biggest challenges they face is moving from commitment to action.


Benevity Impact Labs is an incubator and resource hub that brings data, research, insights, inspiration and resources to help companies, nonprofits and individuals maximize their impact and authentically live their purpose.


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Latest reports from Benevity Impact Labs


The State of Corporate Purpose

Using data from 1,000+ leading companies, as well as a survey of corporate impact leaders, the latest State of Corporate Purpose report provides the insights you need to build a leading social impact program — and understand where purpose-driven companies are allocating their investments this year. 


The State of Corporate Volunteering

The State of Corporate Volunteering analyzes 473 companies with active volunteering programs representing 18 countries and 12.9 million users. This new data uncovers how top-performing companies are increasing engagement and the key drivers that could increase volunteering participation by an average of 12x. 


The State of Corporate Purpose

The State of Corporate Purpose 2023 analyzes data from nearly 1,000 companies to reveal the top five trends defining the future of corporate purpose. See how leading brands are leveraging purpose to meet the demands of their people, communities and business during an economic downturn.


The State of Workplace DEI

New research from a survey of 1,000 adults shows that employees want diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to remain high priority, even amid workplace changes and a rocky economic climate. In fact, they expect more from the companies they work for, and those expectations could have significant business implications. Read The State of Workplace DEI report for all of the insights and strategies to take action. 


Talent Retention Study

In Benevity’s latest report, the Talent Retention Study, we learn that there’s a 52% lower turnover among newer* employees when they participate in purpose programs. With data from 10.6 million users at more than 400 companies on the Benevity platform, we show you how program participation, employee retention and a company’s bottom line are all linked.

*Have been with a company 2.5 years or less


The State of Corporate Purpose 2022 

In Benevity’s second annual The State of Corporate Purpose report, we examine the five key trends that are shaping the future of CSR and ESG. Drawing from our community of clients together with their employees and customers, we look at how the events and crises of the past few years have influenced businesses’ pursuit of purpose — including stakeholder philanthropy, employee-led action on DEIB and what’s really behind the Great Resignation.


The Best of the Best in Employee Engagement

Your corporate purpose program plays a major role in employee engagement with people seeking more flexibility, meaning and impact at work. As we all seek solutions to the “Great Resignation,” retaining and engaging employees is rightfully a top priority. This report digs into the most (and the least!) engaging corporate purpose programs by analyzing data from millions of users across more than 400 iconic brands of all sizes. You’ll learn how features that focus on choice, inclusion, leadership and more can help you earn more authentic and impactful participation. 


The State of Corporate Purpose

The State of Corporate Purpose is a first-of-its-kind report that takes a comprehensive look at the ESG landscape as business continues to be the most trusted institution. It studies the effects of the events of 2020 on corporate purpose, including the growth in consumer and employee activism as the driver of more democratized approaches by companies who are leading the way in the era of stakeholder capitalism.


How ESG, Climate Action and the Rise of Stakeholder Capitalism Are Reshaping Business

A summary of the ways in which CSR and Sustainability leaders at some of the most prominent global brands are tackling the issues of people and planet (and their intersections) to drive real change.

goodness-gap copy

Bridging the Goodness Gap with Behavioral Science

Have you heard of the “Goodness gap”? It’s the difference between how much people say they want to give back to their community and how much they actually do — and it adds up to $291 billion in potential donations to nonprofits. In a study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ideas42 and Benevity teamed up with a Fortune 500 tech company to see how corporate purpose programs might begin to close this gap and drive greater impact.


Making the Case for a New Approach to Employee Giving and Volunteering

Finally, the data to support what we’ve intuitively known for years about the true value of corporate giving. In this groundbreaking report, we examine the behavior of more than 2 million users of Benevity’s platform from 118 enterprise companies. The findings reveal quantitative proof that participation in workplace giving and volunteering programs is linked to reduced employee turnover.


Leading with Purpose in Extraordinary Times

In this COVID-19 Special Report, we look at how some of the world’s most iconic brands activated their people and communities during a time of global crisis. We examine our data to identify companies and individuals taking action, how they are addressing relief and recovery, the top causes they are supporting and the resulting emerging trends. We also share stories from purpose-driven brands like Adobe, BlackRock, Dolby, Liberty Mutual, Microsoft and QVC.


Of the People, by the People, for the People

We examined three years of workplace giving data to see whether the social issues everyone is talking about are the same issues people are taking action on. While the data shows that these topics make up less than 10% of overall giving, they also represent the largest spikes in giving immediately following politically charged events.

Meet the team


Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer

As Benevity’s Chief Impact Officer, Sona heads up Benevity Impact Labs. Since joining Benevity in 2015, she has helped companies stay at the forefront of emerging trends around corporate purpose and stakeholder engagement, enabling them to identify and adopt groundbreaking strategies to maximize their social and business impact.

A futurist and passionate proponent of purpose, culture and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, Sona hosts Benevity’s podcast, Speaking of Purpose, makes guest appearances on a variety of other radio shows and podcasts and is often cited in CSR, HR, sustainability and broader impact-focused publications.

Contact us to book Sona as a speaker for your corporate or industry event.

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Jules Dorval, Research Lead

As Benevity Impact Labs Research Lead, Jules is the data and analytics expert behind some Benevity’s most groundbreaking research and data reports, including the Benevity Goodness Engagement Study, which garnered wide media attention.

A long-time market researcher and advanced analytics lead, Jules harnesses Benevity’s robust data and partners with clients to better grasp the full range and depth of impact their initiatives are delivering. By analyzing the vast trove of Benevity data, he uncovers connections between corporate purpose programs and business metrics like employee retention and productivity, as well as the key components that drive program success and heightened participation levels.

Contact us to discuss your company’s research interests.

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Research and data partners


Benevity is an official Innovation Partner to Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP), supporting their work in social investment benchmarking and trends. This partnership gives our clients easy access to data that corresponds to questions in CECP’s Giving in Numbers survey.


Benevity is pleased to partner with ideas42, a research and design nonprofit specializing in behavioral science. Together, the two teams have conducted multiple studies through the Benevity platform, helping to inform data reports and research on how to drive greater engagement and social impact.


Contact us if you are interested in partnering on research!