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Strategic Partnerships

Our partners help us make it easier for more companies to create more impact, and for all of us to get closer to achieving our purpose.

Vetting Partner


Benevity and TechSoup make it possible for corporate and individual donors to give money or time to nearly 2 million vetted nonprofits around the world. We provide the platform and TechSoup provides the vetting services for organizations outside of North America.  

Content Partner

Center for Disaster Philanthropy

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) helps Benevity and our clients quickly identify relevant organizations to support when disasters strike. CDP’s goal is to transform giving by offering timely, thoughtful strategies to increase donors’ impact during disasters and humanitarian crises.

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Content Partner


We work with Countable to give our clients and their people meaningful opportunities to get involved in and learn about politics and take action on the issues that impact their lives. 

Integration Partner


The certified Benevity-Workday Integration is the market’s first Human Capital Management-to-CSR software integration. It helps Workday clients create a better employee experience and save time and effort by seamlessly connecting user and payroll data from Workday HCM with Spark, our award-winning employee engagement software.

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Integration Partner


Benevity’s integration with VolunteerMatch means companies and their employees can access millions more volunteer opportunities right in Spark. It makes it easy for people to find meaningful opportunities that match their location, skills and interests. 

vol match
We’re thrilled to be working with Benevity to create new possibilities for corporations and their employees so they can make a real difference in the communities they care about most.
Greg Baldwin, CEO

Other strategic partnerships

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Global Distribution Network

Benevity works with a global network of nonprofit foundations to enable a scalable funds distribution model. This allows us to aggregate donations from every client and donor using our platform, with automated disbursements and tax receipts.   

● American Online Giving Foundation ● Australian Online Giving Foundation ● Canadian Online Giving Foundation ● Charitable Giving ● Haus des Stiftens ● Irish Online Giving Foundation ● NASSCOM Foundation ● UK Online Giving Foundation

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