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In today’s fast-moving CSR landscape, it’s important to stay on top of the macro trends that can affect the way you work and help your people and your company make an impact. And there’s one place you can discover those trends — at the corporate purpose event of the year, Goodness Matters!

Together with industry experts, thought leaders and your peers, you’ll discuss the latest developments in corporate purpose and get inspired to think differently about your programs. Here’s a look at the top five macro trends we’ll cover …

GM-1-8The future of work

The future of work is now! Whether you call it the Great Resignation, or as we see it, the Great Search for Purpose, this new way of working is here to stay and it comes with its own unique demands. We’ll address the challenges (and opportunities!) of a hybrid world and explore ways you can engage people who are looking for purpose in all aspects of their lives.



A crucial need for true diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) 

Your people are the secret power behind creating a culture where everyone thrives. And, they can be great CSR partners in helping you inform and lead a social impact strategy that shows you care about what your employees care about. So, we'll dig into how you can start putting more energy into your people and investing in a way that allows them to reach their full potential.



A changing power dynamic with nonprofits 

We’ll look at progressive approaches to granting and supporting nonprofits so they can act quickly and more effectively. All so you can do your part to remove barriers and be a true partner to the nonprofits in your community and around the world.



ESG as a business must-have

In this era of stakeholder capitalism, if businesses want to be a force for positive impact, they need to think of ESG as a critical, long-term investment. We’ll focus on the squishy middle (the “S”), which is as important as the “E” and the “G,” yet is the one most companies aren’t quite as mature in 


GM5Change is a constant 

To make volunteering easy and accessible, empower your people to join in on the go with the Benevity app. They can discover and sign up for opportunities, log volunteer hours and keep track of their positive actions in real time. They can even get social with their volunteer experiences by uploading and sharing photos.


GM-Blog-EndBonus: Everything is on the menu! When you attend Goodness Matters, you’ll learn about best practices and tools to build your program from scratch, or turn your already great programs into best-in-class ones in every aspect. Plus, you’ll get loads of opportunities to connect on the shared challenges and goals that are top of mind for purpose leaders. From Open Space sessions, where you can hop between brainstorming conversations, to one-on-one meetings, workshops and social events, there’s something for everyone! 


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