IBM’s best practices for activating global employee volunteerism

Patrice Key-Rhone 
Global Director of Employee Giving & Volunteerism

Learn how this international technology company offers relevant content in 170 countries - despite cultural subtleties, languages, and compliance standards. 


Patrice Key-Rhone, Global Director of Employee Giving & Volunteerism


Corporate Social Responsibility leader tackling issues plaguing corporations and communities. As a consummate leader in the CSR and Compliance industry, Patrice has held several leadership roles within Fortune 11 conglomerate AT&T and now at IBM. She builds stellar programmes, enterprise-wide, with oversight of $20M in corporate giving campaigns, volunteerism, and employee reskilling. In addition, she serves as a trusted advisor to nonprofits, community leaders, and CSR professionals globally.
Charlie Brook
Charlie Brook, Content Manager


Charlie is the Content Manager at Benevity, the Employee Purpose Platform to engage employees and make an impact on today’s social and environmental challenges. Benevity works with companies around the world to build a purpose-driven culture, whether it’s through volunteering, giving, wellbeing or other positive actions.

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