How Howden found a nonprofit partner that checks all their boxes

International Insurance Group, Howden Group Holdings, is a sustainable business that is dedicated to doing their part to protect the environment. To bring this commitment to life across the company, they make an effort to highlight this theme at company-wide gatherings, while encouraging employees year-round to give and volunteer to environmental charities through their CSR programme, powered by Benevity. 

As part of Howden Broking Group since 2018, IPG Howden is the preferred wealth planning partner to the world’s most respected banks, family offices, law firms and tax professionals. They have access to a network of over 25,000 specialists across over 100 territories worldwide, advising on specialist personal, business and employee benefits insurance solutions.

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The challenge

For international companies, it’s not easy to find relevant nonprofit partners in the areas where your employees are based, particularly those that hit specific business and logistical requirements. In the case of IPG Howden, their team already has established partners in some of the cities where their employees are based. But when it came to putting together a volunteering activity at a company offsite in Taipei, Taiwan, the challenge was finding a suitable nonprofit in the region that could accommodate their large-scale event.

The solution

Sourcing local partners


IPG Howden knew they wanted to integrate an environmental initiative into their company offsite in Taipei, Taiwan. But with a limited number of nonprofit contacts in the area that offer environmentally-friendly activities, particularly with organisations who were able to accommodate a group of 150 people, they turned to Benevity to help them source a suitable partner. The Benevity team was able to find and connect IPG Howden with Hiin Studio, a local organisation that met all their requisites, to host a beach cleanup. 

Meaningful in-person connections


Pre-pandemic, IPG Howden was accustomed to bringing widespread teams together at an annual company offsite. So after three years of connecting online, the IPG Howden team was eager to bring everyone together again in-person. With 150 colleagues from their global offices in attendance at their first off-site since the pandemic, the event helped them meet one of their main business objectives: to meaningfully connect teams over the topic of environmental sustainability. 

A company culture of giving back


By making time at their offsite for doing good, IPG Howden sent a clear message to employees: giving back matters. Thanks to the expertise of their partner, Hiin Studio, the volunteering activity included an education portion, which helped employees build stronger connections to the topic. Finally, to reinforce this culture of giving back, IPG Howden empowers employees to continue volunteering and giving through the Benevity platform, strengthening their personal commitment to the cause on their own time. 

The result

By organising a beach cleanup through Benevity, IPG Howden was able to: 

  • Collect 275 kg of trash along Taiwan’s Keelung Beach
  • Strengthen team bonds among 150 employees 
  • Educate employees to reduce their personal environmental impact
  • Contribute to sustainable business objectives

Bringing employees together in-person for a beach cleanup, participants experienced for themselves the importance of keeping our outdoor spaces clean, while building stronger connections both to the local environment and their teammates. 

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