Community Investment Through Trust-Based Philanthropy

How to create deeper corporate granting impact and build better nonprofit partnerships



As stewards of their company’s community investments, corporate granters are keenly aware of their responsibility to report on the impact of their funding decisions.

All too often, however, their need to prove this impact comes at the expense of the nonprofits they serve. Instead of focusing on the communities and issues they support, nonprofits feel pressured to spend valuable time and energy on managing funder relationships.

Trust-based philanthropy is a disruptive new model for granting that can both empower nonprofit partners by letting them decide what to do with funds and transform your brand’s community investment programs.

Hear from American Family Insurance and the Wisconsin Philanthropy Network as they share how trust-based philanthropy is transforming community investment initiatives — and see how you can get started.

You’ll discover:

  • Why removing restrictions on nonprofit partners can increase your corporate granting impact
  • What key elements make up a successful nonprofit partnership
  • How to bring trust-based philanthropy to your granting programs