Harnessing Goodness Through Hard Times

How To Plan a Proactive Disaster & Crisis Relief Campaign



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How will your brand respond the next time a disaster or crisis strikes?

Be it through the global pandemic, police injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, or the growing number of forest fires and flooding, people around the world have shown they will continuously rally in support of one another and that they expect large corporations to do the same.

But, to have a real impact, your organization needs to be prepared long before the next catastrophic event hits. Now’s your chance to find out how to prepare. Gain the knowledge and tools you’ll need to activate a disaster and crisis relief campaign quickly, and discover how you can make a real difference to the impacted communities and your customers the next time they look to you in times of need.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to build and launch a relief campaign quickly when a disaster or crisis strikes
  • How to implement an integrated approach that incorporates giving, matching, volunteering, grants and more to maximize your impact
  • Insights from industry peers who have created effective relief strategies in times in need