Race Conversations Guide

A guide to facilitating conversations about race

In the spring of 2020, the world united against racial injustice and woke up to the gross inequity in our systems, society and workplaces. The demand for companies to take action and be part of the solution was clear.

Part of our journey at Benevity in 2020 included a series of five table talks hosted by our Black Employee Network & Friends (B.E.N.), which was designed to create space for meaningful dialogue to explore, listen, share reflections, support and learn from each other. The series included guest speakers, employee panelists, and guided group discussions on race, equity, and allyship. It has had a profound impact on our culture, resulting in a shift of mindsets, increased empathy and understanding, and the creation of allies to support colleagues of different races.

Based on this, we’ve created a guide on how to foster inclusive spaces to have this open dialogue. Work is often the place where most people get to share experiences with diverse populations, making it the right place for these diversity, inclusion and equity conversations to take place. Afterall, what’s learned at work doesn’t stay confined to work.

The Race Conversation Guide is designed to share everything we learned with you, so you can confidently facilitate conversations about race in your own company.

Download this guide and you’ll get:

  • A step-by-step program for your company to hold necessary conversations about racial equity.
  • A training manual for conversation facilitators with helpful tips and resources.
  • A guide to meaningful conversations based on proven templates and prompts, so you can amplify your efforts and activate your employees.