Benevity’s Employee Survey Results on Racial Justice & Equity

80% of U.S. employees believe companies should address racial injustice and equity, but more than 25% say leadership has done little to nothing to address those issues in the past year

The year 2020 marked a turning point: as the world witnessed the murder of George Floyd and decided enough is enough, C-level leaders across North America pledged action on injustice and inequity. And employees have paid close attention to these promises. To find out how employees feel about corporate commitments to social and racial justice, Benevity commissioned a racial justice and equity survey in June 2021. The results reveal a wave of concern from employees that companies are not truly prioritizing these issues.

Key survey findings

Download a summary of the results, including:

  • 83% of employees say they want their company to prioritize addressing racial injustice and workplace diversity in the coming year.
  • 77% believe companies should allow conversations around race and social issues at work.
  • Nearly 40% say they would likely quit their jobs if their company did not prioritize addressing social or racial injustice.