How to Elevate Your ERG Strategy: Insights from Capgemini

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to build a multi-ERG program that keeps employees thriving. We chat with Lauren Kimball from Capgemini and discuss how to measure success and where ERG’s are poised to grow in the next 3 to 5 years.

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Employee resource groups (ERGs) have become a staple at many companies, providing valuable support and community for underrepresented groups.

But how can organizations take ERGs to the next level, aligning them strategically with business goals?

Capgemini’s ERGs in the Americas

Capgemini, a global business transformation consultancy, offers an instructive example. 

Lauren Kimball, Capgemini's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Leader for the Americas, outlined how Capgemini's 11 ERGs in the US and Canada ladder up to support the company's broader corporate social responsibility (CSR) mission, with focuses on sustainability, digital inclusion, and diversity/inclusion.

The ERGs provide community spaces where employees can connect based on shared identities and interests.

But they also actively collaborate with clients, partners, and local nonprofits on events and volunteering.

This integration with Capgemini's business and CSR priorities is intentional.

The company brings ERG leaders together annually for multi-day planning summits to map out the year's calendar and identify opportunities to partner across ERGs and with external stakeholders.

Lauren explained that avoiding silos and encouraging collaboration allows each ERG's marquee events to gain more exposure.

Measuring ERG

Capgemini also measures ERG impact through metrics that matter to the business, especially retention. Lauren shared that the company tracks ERG member retention versus non-member retention, reporting the uplift to leadership quarterly.

She explained that ERG involvement provides accelerated leadership development, making members more engaged and loyal - a narrative that resonates with executives.

Where ERG's are moving towards in the future?

Looking ahead, Lauren sees ERGs continuing to expand their focus on ESG and collaboration with partners globally. She also predicts more formal rewards programs for ERG leaders, recognizing their contributions to culture and retention.

For organizations looking to elevate their ERG strategy, Lauren suggests above all listening to employees and letting ERGs be employee-driven.

She also advises piloting creative ideas, even if the outcome is uncertain. Capgemini's ERGs have sparked innovative programs like hackathons that even expanded into client offerings.

By aligning ERGs with corporate purpose and priorities, companies like Capgemini demonstrate the immense value these groups can provide, both for employees and the bottom line.