Ask Me Anything With Jane Moran

Live Conversation With Benevity’s Chief Technology Officer



Hear from Benevity’s Chief Technology Officer, Jane Moran, in a rare Ask Me Anything (AMA) conversation.

Jane took the (digital) stage to answer questions from the audience about Benevity’s path ahead from a tech standpoint.

Whether you want to hear about Benevity’s technology, are interested in a career with purpose, or are looking for inspiration from our resident space expert, this conversation was out of this world and worth catching up on.

Watch the AMA with Jane and hear her perspective on how technology is shaping the future of corporate purpose.

Jane took questions on:

  • The future of Goodness
  • Jane's vision CTO and our 5 year vision.
  • Tech opportunities at Benevity
  • Benevity’s team and tips on what we look for in talent