Of the People, by the People, for the People



We examined three years of workplace giving data to see whether the social issues everyone is talking about are the same issues people are taking action on. While the data shows that these topics make up less than 10% of overall giving, they also represent the largest spikes in giving immediately following politically charged events.

What does this mean for companies?

Benevity is forecasting that five major social issues — income inequality, immigration, women’s rights, climate change and gun safety — will lead to more public pressure than ever on companies to take action. And having a data-driven strategy will help equip you for the times ahead.

Download the report for:

  • The top 10 causes supported by companies and their people
  • Events that drove exponential giving
  • A deep dive into five social issues to watch for in 2020
  • The big and small ways companies like Accenture, Levi’s and PayPal are responding