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Emelie Dorlin, Senior Manager, Community Impact
Leading the Community Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and execution across Switzerland. Managing strategic partnerships with NGOs such as the Swiss Red Cross and Special Olympics Switzerland, as well corporate volunteering and employee engagement and social impact programs in Switzerland. After 6+ years as development project manager with international experience in NGOs and Corporate Foundations, I now support the growth and development of others through meaningful learning experiences.
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André Abreu, CEO & Co-founder


Social entrepreneur with experience in corporate social responsibility, human resources and employee engagement. We enable experiences that bring out the human side of work, so that companies and their employees can do good and measure their actions every day. By volunteering, giving, or taking simple actions such as biking to work, saving energy, or committing to a healthier lifestyle, your employees are able to participate in your organisation’s efforts to activate your purpose.