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Jasmin Khalifa, Head of Corporate responsibility
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Jasmin works as Head of Corporate Responsibility at PWC Switzerland. her commitment is to create communities where people and businesses can thrive. She is also responsible for realizing PWC Switzerland's Net Zero Goals. it's time to accelerate the pace fof change - Jasmin is convinced that together we can solve important problems.
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Adam Pensotti, Head of Canon YOung People Programme


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Isabel kelly, Principal Consultant & Founder

profit with purpose

Isabel helps companies find and activate their purpose beyond profit, identify the resources and influence they can use, look at ESG risks and mitigations, identify potential new sustainable business opportunities, and set meaningful goals and metrics to track, report and evaluate progress.
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Jonathan normand, Founder & Executive Director

b lab

Jonathan Normand, coming from a background in mathematics and algorithmic development, spent 12 years in financial institutions before co-founding CODETHIC & co-publishing the Synergy-Codethic 26000 impact measurement framework in 2009. In 2013 he participates in the establishment of the Non-profit organization B LAB in Europe, and in 2017 he is the founder and CEOof the Swiss branch.