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Daniel Gibbs, CLimate Consultant Enterprise and Climate Propositions
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Daniel Gibbs is a Climate Consultant working in strategizing and creating new sustainability solutions to accelerate the transition to Net Zero. He designs exciting and innovative climate solutions to help businesses find new ways to reach Net Zero, whether it is through financing, carbon capture, transparency tools and more. Climate change is among the most pressing crises that we have ever faced and finding solutions that work for everyone is the best way we can stop it. At NatWest, they want to be a bank and beyond when it comes to helping everyone do their part to meet this challenge.
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Justin Tabarin, Global Corporate Social Responsibilty Manager

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Justine is the Global CSR Manager at Criteo. After a few years of experience in global communications and media, she joined Criteo to combine her project management skills with her interest in social and environmental issues. For the past 3 years, she has been leading sustainability and CSR issues and the company's global employee volunteer program - including 7 community groups (ERGs). Criteo launched Alaya last October and this year, for Earth Day, the company is organizing its first volunteering week.
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heather Mungin, Customer Success Manager


Heather Mungin is a manager on the Customer Success team at Alaya, the Employee Purpose platform that empowers companies to build a purpose-driven culture and engage employees to make an impact, one act at a time. We enable experiences that bring out the human side of work, so that companies and their employees can do good and measure their actions every day. By volunteering, giving, or taking simple actions such as biking to work, saving energy, or committing to a healthier lifestyle, your employees are able to participate in your organisation’s efforts to activate your purpose.