Essential Strategies for Boosting Participation and Delivering Big Impact Through Your Corporate Purpose Initiatives

Tips and tactics from industry-leading companies with sky-high participation rates

By tapping into your people’s passions, you can garner more participation in giving and volunteering year round. And the more people you can engage in meaningful ways, the closer you are to creating an inclusive, purpose-driven culture that benefits your people, company and communities.

Nicole Campbell, Goodness Consultant at Benevity, and Erica Graham Jordan, Director of Goodness Solutions at Benevity, reveal the top actionable strategies that companies like TQL, Airbnb and Splunk use to drive more participation in their CSR initiatives — including how they’re using technology to scale their giving and volunteer efforts, and amplify their impact!

Tune in to learn:

  • What makes employees twice as likely to donate
  • One thing you can do now to lower your participation barrier
  • How you can leverage technology to increase engagement in your program
  • And plenty more!