The demand for employee giving and volunteering programs that stretch across our nation’s borders is growing.

How do we know that? We’ve seen an amazing 85% increase in the adoption of the Benevity OneWorld™ international solution since last year. There were 600,000 new users who logged in to the cloud-based giving and volunteering program that enables employees to support causes outside of their home countries. That’s a 362% boost compared to the year prior!

There was also a 598% increase in donations through the platform. It’s clear that people want to give, and not just to causes close to home. Among our most active clients with people giving internationally are: Apple, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Micron and LinkedIn. 

Global Push

Empowering employees to pursue social passions that are meaningful to them

What does this mean for you? Your organization is filled with people from different backgrounds and cultures. They all contribute to your business in different ways. And they also want to give back in different ways and to causes that matter to them personally.

As businesses are increasingly expected to pursue a purpose beyond profit, there has never been a more crucial time to be part of this global movement as a force for good.

Expanding your CSR program to support giving beyond your borders can be the path to greater engagement, a unified workforce and a culture of purpose. Benevity’s international solution lets your people explore and support nearly two million causes in 190 countries, in 17 languages and 14 currencies. It makes doing good, all over the world, fast and cost-effective.

Bringing together a global workforce

Micron Foundation, a Benevity client, is using OneWorld as a way to unite their global workforce. They’ve seen unprecedented engagement in their corporate purpose programs.

“Last year we elevated our philanthropic and volunteerism efforts, which included expanding our matching gifts program to all team members,” says executive director Dee Mooney.

“The Benevity platform helped unite our global base of 34,000 employees to heighten support for local disasters, increase our matching gifts program by 700%, and further build on our commitment to invest in the communities where we operate.”


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