Enrich your employee experience with Benevity + Workday


Infuse more purpose into your employee experience with the new Benevity-Workday certified integration.

This is the first integration of its kind in the Corporate Social Responsibility space, making it possible for companies that already use Workday to seamlessly and securely connect user and payroll data from Workday HCM with Benevity’s award-winning employee engagement software, Spark.

You’ll also get richer reporting, so you can optimize your program based on your people’s behavior. And you can show how your program is delivering greater business and social impact.


The Benevity-Workday integration makes it easy to:


Automate the payroll donation process and allow your people to manage their own recurring donations


Ensure all eligible employees are part of your program though daily data synchronizations


Target content to employees based on data like location, department or job level

save time

Reduce administrative work for your CSR, HR, Payroll and IT teams


Benevity clients who enable payroll giving see an average of 69% higher donation participation compared to those who don't offer payroll.

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