One Good Thing Was One Amazing Movement!

When we started in October 2021, the One Good Thing Challenge was just a seed of an idea — inspire everyone to do just One Good Thing to reach a goal of 12 million by Dec. 31. With 7.9 billion powerful armies of one on the planet, we wondered what would happen if a tiny fraction of them committed to helping. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were hopeful ...

One Good Thing snowballed into another. And another. A simple act of kindness, a $5 donation, a shorter shower to conserve water or 30 minutes spent volunteering. Hundreds of companies and millions of people joined the challenge, and the impact was awe-inspiring and amazing! Check out the incredible things the Benevity community achieved!


The Benevity community yielded a staggering 10,247,738 Acts of Goodness! We knew our goal was aspirational — it was about inspiring all of us to unleash more Goodness than ever before, One Good Thing at a time. And, together, we did! The Benevity community achieved 1,200,541 more Acts of Goodness than last year’s Giving Season.


Keep the Good Things Going

While the One Good Thing Challenge is over, let’s keep the Goodness going! Anyone can still get involved in making a difference. Head over to Benevity’s public Community Impact Portal, choose from nearly 2 million vetted nonprofits and donate any amount — big or small. You can also encourage your friends, family and coworkers to do One Good Thing! Just share this page with them.