Engaging purpose programs
aren’t just for the CSR pros

You’ll also discover some best practices and find inspiration for designing your own program — whether you’ve done it before or not.

Did you know? 74% of companies with under 5,000 employees launched their first ever purpose program
with Benevity.

Participation leads to engagement

The first step to building an effective program is to make a strong first impression with your employees. Inclusive programs that empower grassroots action will inspire your people to support the causes they care about, and when they do it through a workplace program, they’re more likely to stay and feel better about their place of work.

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(and growing!) overall average program participation

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increase in participation in the first year

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greater participation when employees can choose the nonprofits they want to support

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of companies allow employees to start their own giving and volunteering initiatives

We launched our program company-wide with Benevity in January 2019. The increase in employee participation has been unprecedented.

Emily Wheeler, Manager of Corporate Citizenship

Make volunteering flexible and rewarding

Our clients use Benevity’s software to connect their employees with thousands of volunteer opportunities — and the communities and causes that matter to them most. Many successful programs include volunteer rewards (dollars for doers), matching volunteer hours with donation funds to further amplify their impact.

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of clients offer volunteer rewards

$ 0

/hour average volunteer reward rate


hours/person average volunteer time

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of companies offer combined matching options, so employees can choose to donate time or money

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Ciena Cares increased their matching program to a 3:1 match

This increased traffic to the Ciena Cares platform, helping their employees (and the causes they care about) benefit from an extra $1 million that Ciena added to their regular matching budget. In addition, they boosted their volunteer rewards from $20 per hour to $30 per hour.

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Matching drives more giving

Generous match rates drive more participation in corporate purpose programs, further incentivizing employees’ decisions to donate to company-wide and personal initiatives.



0 %

of clients offer matching on employee donations

0 %

of clients who offer matching offer 100% matching or more

$ 0

average matching budget per employee

$ 0

average annual donation amount per employee


Splunk engaged 62% of its global workforce in its first company-wide giving campaign

Find out how a small incentive — just $10 in each of their people’s Giving Accounts — grew into nearly $50,000 in donations to 1,300 different causes.

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good has a ripple effect

Missions, one of the features of Benevity’s CSR software, helps your people take positive actions that add up to major social, personal and business impact. Missions include easy-to-complete activities and purpose challenges that promote awareness, develop empathy and encourage socially conscious behavior.


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participation for clients whose program includes Missions — almost double those who don’t include Missions

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increase in donations when giving campaigns are paired with Missions

0 %

of first-time participants donate or volunteer after completing Missions

“We launched a Missions pilot, and in just three weeks, we saw 45% engagement, with an average of 5.9 activities per participant. We posted two new Missions activities each week, and each time engagement spiked. We saw super users from all demographics and departments, and they kept going after the pilot period.”

Nicole Frisch, Senior Director, Community Engagement

Designing a successful program is a team effort

Here are some helpful resources on the most recent trends, interesting insights and powerful
recommendations on how you can achieve success for your company.


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