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Benevity helps you access support from 650+ of the world's most iconic brands and their 18 million people, through giving, volunteering and grantmaking. 

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What Is the Benevity Community Impact Fund?

If you recently received a check from the Benevity Community Impact Fund, that’s us! A company or employee using our platform chose your organization to support. To access detailed donor reports and become eligible for more corporate programs, register your nonprofit in the Benevity Causes Portal.

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 Become eligible for hundreds of corporate programs

Get more access to both corporate and individual donors and volunteers when you register in the Benevity Causes Portal, a dedicated online space for nonprofits like yours.

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Already a registered nonprofit in the Benevity Causes Portal? Head there to download donor reports, create or edit your profile, publish giving and volunteering opportunities or sign up to receive payments electronically.

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about Benevity and how we can help you create even more impact, or reach out to our dedicated Cause Support team for help.

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Benevity’s commitment to companies and causes

Benevity’s technology does two things. It powers the corporate giving, volunteering and grantmaking programs of 650+ Fortune 1000 companies around the world. And it makes it easier and more efficient for nonprofits like yours to tap into the vast support of those corporations, their employees and customers.

Whether you want to raise funds, recruit volunteers or check the progress of grants applications, you can do it all — at no cost — in the Benevity Causes Portal, a dedicated online space for nonprofits like yours.

Start Creating More Impact

If we could receive every donation through Benevity’s system we would. It is by far the easiest – we don’t need to do a thing to confirm donations in order to get a match, payments are more frequent and are deposited directly into our account so we don’t need to allocate our staff to the administrative chores other systems impose on us.
National Children’s Charity
There are so many third-party giving platforms out there, and it can be complicated to find all the information you need to connect with your donors. In my experience, Benevity is the best — they make it as easy as possible with disbursement notifications, clear reporting with donor and contact information, and an easy platform. After working with their team, I know that they are receptive and truly want to create the best experience for nonprofits and companies. Plus, our corporate partners clearly have a lot of trust in their system.
Trina Jones, Managing Director, Health In Harmony
I would like to give Benevity a HUGE thank you for your help over the past few months given the dramatic increase in giving. Your platform is by far the simplest for the nonprofit to use. That has directly translated into some huge cost and time savings for us during the recent disasters and increased level of giving. You have helped us further our mission by minimizing our backend office expenses. Thank you!
One of America’s Largest Humanitarian Charities

Benevity Causes Portal Features & Benefits


Rich profile management

Promote your organization with a compelling description, logo, impact stories, projects and volunteer events to millions of people worldwide.

Nonprofit Profile Management

Receive donations electronically

Benevity sends 90% of all donations electronically, improving the accuracy and reliability of payments, meaning no more lost checks and less time spent processing funds.  

Donate electronically

Real-time corporate matching

Corporate matching is done automatically, so employees don’t have to submit a separate request and you get all the funds at the same time.


Receive funds more efficiently

All corporate and employee donations, matching funds and grants are bundled into one monthly transaction, so you get a single predictable payment.


Detailed reporting

Access detailed donor reports to track, record and reconcile donations and thank donors and volunteers.

powerful reporting

Passionate support

Your Cause Support team is there whenever you need them. They can help you get set up in the Benevity Causes Portal, become eligible for corporate programs, sign up for electronic payments and anything else you need.

passionate support