TC Energy’s workplace giving program, Empower, was already successful, reaching $15 million in donations and 100,000 volunteer hours in 2019. But with a growing and evolving workforce (and more than 8,000 employees eligible to participate in their program), they recognized that doing good looks different to everyone.

They were looking for new ideas to engage more of their people in meaningful ways, including their many remote employees.

See how this North American infrastructure company used Missions, Benevity’s employee engagement module, to rally together more people in doing good during the holiday season. Plus, find out how they boosted participation and impact for remote workers during Environment Week at TC Energy with pre-built resources.

Why Missions? To engage those that were unable to donate their money for fundraising or give their time for volunteering. We're all different. We all come from different walks of life and have various interests and values. It's what makes the beauty of our workforce at TC energy.” – Emma Harrow, Advisor, Community and Employee Involvement at TC Energy

TC Energy was trying to find a unique way to engage more employees during the busy holiday season — a time when many people have limited time and money to spare.

So, they launched a holiday giving Mission with an innovative incentive. As their people completed holiday-themed activities, like lending a helping hand or saving a tree by sending an e-card, they earned points that were converted into reward dollars. Then, employees could use those funds to donate to a cause they were passionate about.

The results were in …

  • 691 participants
  • 4,000+ activities completed
  • 85,000+ points earned

By giving employees easy ways to take action, and then amplifying their efforts with donation dollars, TC Energy was able to rally 691 participants from across North America — their most successful Mission to date.

Their employees completed more than 4,000 activities — all geared toward making the world a better place and building awareness — and racked up more than 85,000 points, with the highest amount of donations going to families in need.

And there’s more!

They wanted to continue to use Missions to help achieve their program’s goals — this time to boost participation and impact during the company’s Environment Week.

The next step was to launch a Sustainability Mission to support Environment Week, an employee awareness campaign at TC Energy, using content developed by Benevity. The content included simple, sustainable actions employees could take to reduce their environmental impact, like riding their bike to work.

And it also included important information like why that action mattered, and details about how to complete it.

With missions, it allows those users that may have these restrictions and opportunity to still participate in the spirit of the program.” – Emma Harrow, TC Energy

Benevity content makes it easy!

  • Pre-loaded content means no extra work for you
  • Includes measurable impact data
  • Shows employees collective impact in real time

After just one week packed with employees making small, positive changes, the company had taken enough sustainable actions to fill more than 150,000 bottles of water, charge more than 150 million phones and eliminate more than 1.1 million plastic bags. Now that’s measurable impact!

  • Fill 150,000+ bottles of water
  • Change 150+ million phones
  • Eliminate 1.1+ million plastic bags

So, is Missions working for TC Energy? Emma say yes. By providing their employees with more opportunities to do good, in a way that was accessible to them, the company was able to engage 6% of their remote workforce. That’s a great start for a historically hard-to-reach group. And participating in Missions proved to be a gateway to more Goodness — for 8% of their users, Missions was their first-ever activity in the program, and of those 8%, an impressive 80% went on to give or volunteer. As of early 2020, the company has completed seven Missions total, which have engaged more than 1,300 unique participants, racking up more than 1.8 million points. That’s a whole lotta personal and social impact!

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