Making the Case for a New Approach to Employee Giving & Volunteering


Finally, the data to support what we've intuitively known for years about the true value of corporate giving. By taking an employee engagement approach to workplace giving and volunteering programs, companies can not only achieve greater social impact—they can drive additional business value through increased employee retention, too. 

In this ground-breaking report by Benevity Labs, we examined the behavior of more than 2 million users of Benevity’s platform from 118 enterprise companies. The findings reveal quantitative proof that participation in workplace giving and volunteering programs is linked to reduced employee turnover.

Download the Goodness Engagement Study to make your case, with:

  • Turnover rates of employees by giving and volunteering participation
  • An industry breakdown of the impact of participation on turnover 
  • Data that shows how participation “intensity” positively relates to employee retention
  • Practical and evidence-based tips on how to put the data into action