Empower a Movement with
Peer Matching

This newest innovation in workplace giving empowers your employees to match their coworkers’ donations to causes they are passionate about. So, anyone can turn one donation into many. And turn a moment into a movement! It’s a whole new way to give.

Peer Matching is doubly powerful
because people are …

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more likely to give if they’re asked by friends or co-workers

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more likely to give when there’s
a match offered


Give your people a
sense of purpose

Anyone in your company can start their own movement by creating a peer match. Employees can then pool their matching funds together to create even more connection and impact!

Amplify the impact
of any campaign

Peer Matching can be added to any giving initiative through Benevity’s Employee Engagement Solution. Combine it with company matching to drive even greater participation and impact with every donation.

Engage your leaders
in your program

Executives and leaders in your company can create peer matches, too — to rally employees around your strategic cause pillars and company initiatives!

Incentivize giving
without more budget

Matching is a proven way to increase engagement in your giving program. With Peer Matching, your employees add the extra incentive, without the need for any additional corporate budget.

Ready to try Peer Matching?

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