Building a Culture of Equity and Inclusion

Strategies to create space for learning and action that engage all your people



People continue to power movements and take massive grassroots action against ongoing racial injustice and social discrimination. And companies are expected to be right there beside them. By addressing inequity in society as well as workplace culture, companies will contribute to cultural change that is likely to more long-lasting. How can you show your support, keep these movements going and truly shift your culture?

Watch our Building a Culture of Equity and Inclusion webinar to hear from other purpose-driven companies around how they are empowering their Employee Resource Groups, creating space to have challenging (yet critical) conversations and fostering equity and inclusion along the way.

You’ll discover:

  • Insights and proven ways to power movements and create a space for learning and action.
  • How to leverage the passion, knowledge and connection of your ERGs.
  • Strategies to share and track engagement in company-wide movements and raise visibility and support for your diversity, equity and inclusion programs.