Empower your employees to do more good

As a CSR professional, you’ve likely witnessed burnout across your company — even more so during this period of economic uncertainty when resources may be dwindling. But now is the perfect time to reinvigorate your program and your people so everyone feels empowered, and able, to do good. 

Hear from Colleen Costello, Head of Social Impact at Relativity, to get inspired and learn how you can “activate all levers at your disposal simultaneously!” The recent Benevity Live! speaker shared proven tips for creating an authentic, inclusive program that all of your people will be excited to participate in even during tough times. 

You’ll discover: 

  • The levers you can pull to make an impact, and ways to maximize your mindset to take action.
  • How to design your program to be genuine to your culture.
  • Proven tactics that will boost participation and engagement. 


Colleen Smith Costello
Head of Social Impact
Tatiana Kehler (Moderator)
Client Success Manager II