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Build a culture of belonging with the world's most powerful Employee Resource Group (ERG) software. Benevity Affinity Groups empowers your people to live their purpose at work and make more impact in the world.


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Trust software that’s built exclusively for employee resource groups (ERGs) 

While 90% of Fortune 500 companies have ERGs, most don’t have a dedicated tool or space to host them. With Benevity Affinity Groups, all your ERGs will live — and grow — in a place that’s designed to encourage participation and drive impact. It includes: 

  • A searchable catalog of ERGs for employees to explore and join the groups they’re passionate about. 
  • Home pages for each ERG with feeds that display engaging content like resources, activities and discussions. 
  • Detailed reports and analytics that help program managers and DEI specialists measure engagement and impact. 


of companies say the DEI work employees do is very or extremely critical, but most don’t give ERGs tools to cocreate impact

Source: McKinsey & Company

Get (and keep) your people engaged 


Engaged employees are not only more likely to stay, but they contribute to 21% greater profitability. Benevity Affinity Groups helps create a workplace experience where people feel valued — translating into happier, more engaged employees.  

  • Group privacy measures give equity-seeking populations the peace of mind to share truthfully and authentically. 
  • Rich media posts including videos, images, documents and GIFs ensure content is easy to consume and sparks discussion. 
  • Built-in admin and communication tools empower ERG leaders to manage their groups and gain insights for improvement.   

Organizations with above-average gender diversity and levels of employee engagement financially outperform companies with below-average diversity and engagement by

46% - 58%

Turn talk into action

 leaders are challenged to create a more diverse workforce, and they can rely on ERGs for fresh ideas and actionable input. 
Benevity Affinity Groups has crowdsourcing tools built in, so you can easily translate thoughtful conversations into employee-led action. 

  • Educational resources and training that focus on building awareness and inspiring positive change can be highlighted. 
  • Quizzes, polls and surveys, hosted directly within each group, collect valuable feedback that informs DEI strategies. 
  • Events like workshops and rallies can be promoted in a central hub to increase attendance and build momentum. 



of workers said they are more likely to stay at a company that takes and acts on feedback.

Source: Achievers

Report On ERG Impact 


Having instant access to ERG data is critical to understanding the impact of each group and how well they’re meeting goals.When reporting is shared with DEI executives, they can correlate key findings to metrics like recruitment, retention, promotions and diversity. 

Access reports for valuable insights on: 

  • Group activity levels 
  • Membership data 
  • Key issues gaining traction 
  • Event attendance

ERGs as a recruitment tool:


of U.S. respondents 18 to 24 years old and 52% of respondents 25 to 34 years old reported they would be more likely to apply for a role at a company who had ERGs.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Integrate with your CSR program 


A successful CSR program is driven by engaged employees, so it’s no wonder leadership often relies on ERGs for support. Benevity Affinity Groups integrates seamlessly with Spark, Benevity’s leading CSR platform for workplace giving, volunteering and positive actions. This connection takes employee engagement to the next level, powering collective action while boosting program participation. 

Now, ERGs can make a greater impact on the issues they’re most passionate about — right from their group pages.

  • Highlight giving opportunities that resonate with each ERG to channel funds to the right places. 
  • Rally group members to participate in the volunteer opportunities that matter to them. 
  • Promote positive action challenges that make a difference to the people and causes ERG members support. 

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