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Engage Everyone With Your Own Community Impact Portal

Encourage meaningful interactions with your brand and create a movement fueled by collective action.


What is a Community Impact Portal?

 Benevity’s Community Impact (CI) Portal provides companies like yours with a public-facing microsite that allows your customers, clients, partners and the public to donate to vetted nonprofits using credit card, debit card or PayPal — with or without a company match.

Easy to set up and easy to use

On your branded CI Portal, you can choose the nonprofits you want to feature and customers, vendors, partners and the general public can donate using a credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal or a donation gift card. And it has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that’s fully responsive to mobile devices, so people can give easily in the moment.


Quick disaster relief and crisis response

When global and social crises or natural disasters happen, people look for concrete ways to take action, and they want to do it with you. Benevity makes it possible to create campaigns in minutes and make the biggest possible impact. Our content team identifies nonprofits on the ground in affected areas and provides ready-to-use campaign kits that you can plug into your CI Portal — or you can select specific organizations you want to support and promote. And you can add corporate matching to amplify the impact!


Give and redeem donation gift cards

Gift cards make a great alternative to corporate swag, or a thoughtful gift for employees to share with family and friends. Recipients can redeem the gift card through the Community Impact Portal by searching for and selecting the nonprofit they’re most passionate about. And then they can share their experience on social media. 

gift cards

Friendraising for greater reach and impact

Our Friendraising feature lets employees invite their network of friends and family to get involved in your corporate giving initiatives. All they need to do is send the link to your Community Impact Portal, and anyone in their network can donate any amount to the featured nonprofits.


Safe and secure payment processing

Rest assured that all donations are safely and securely delivered to vetted nonprofits. With Benevity, you have access to nearly 2 million organizations all over the world. 



Did you know

Using the Community Impact Portal, Benevity created a COVID-19 public matching campaign. In under 2 weeks, more than 3,000 people across the globe came together to donate $2.3 million to 812 causes, proving the deep desire for people to do good, and to solve for others before themselves, even during challenging times.

Ready for a Demo?

Client Stories


LinkedIn knows how to create a network effect. They empower their employees to create their own giving opportunities and share them with anyone in their network, with no approval needed.

ATB Cares
ATB Cares

ATB Cares invites its customers to pick a nonprofit they want to support. When they donate, ATB adds another 15% to their donation for eligible organizations, up to $20,000 a month. In 2018, $4.9 million was donated through the initiative. And it’s all powered by Benevity’s platform through the Community Impact Portal.

Employee-driven giving + social sharing = more impact

An employee with one of Benevity’s clients created a giving campaign in response to Hurricane Harvey. They shared their story about how the hurricane had affected them — and their hometown — and set an initial goal of $10,000. Thanks to social sharing, the campaign ended up raising $114,490. Then the company added a 2:1 match, bringing the total to an impressive $167,119.