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Volunteerism surges across Benevity’s growing client community, now nearly 1,000...

14.3 million volunteer hours were logged in 2022, representing 61% year-over-year growth in volunteering hours and a 91% increase in the number of people v...


Top 10 Questions To Ask a CSR Software Partner

Looking for a Corporate Social Responsibility software partner whose technology can transform your employee engagement program? There’s a lot to consider.


Earth Day Activation Kit

Take action and engage your people on Earth Day with this activation kit full of ready-to-use content.


National Volunteer Week Activation Kit 2023

Support your community this National Volunteer Week with the help of these ready-to-use resources.


The Corporate Social Responsibility of Tomorrow: How to Succeed

In this episode, you'll learn where the corporate social responsibility industry is headed. We explore how world events shape CSR and social impact as well...


The Next Frontier of social impact: How CSR Professionals are Shaping the Future

This episode, we discusses the history and evolution of the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals, and how their work has shaped the ...


Paving Your Path to CSR webinar

Learn how to build the business case to get your organization on the path to purpose and proven strategies to build and launch CSR programs.

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