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Benevity sets a new standard for social impact reporting with the launch of Bene...

Benevity sets a new standard for social impact reporting with the launch of Benevity Impact Reports.


Mastering ERG Budget Management: Best Practices for ERG Leaders

Discover best practices and strategies to master ERG budget management. Learn how to maximize impact and secure more investment with clear and transparent ...


5 Tips to Measure ERG Program Success and Communicate Impact

Learn which ERG metrics to track to measure success, communicate impact and ensure your ERG program aligns with company goals for sustained growth.


The Deal Team model: Engaging employees to lead grant partnerships

In this webinar, you'll learn how Apollo Opportunity Foundation are empowering their people to take a lead role in their granting programs.


Measuring the Success of Your ERG Programs

In this webinar, you'll discover the key metrics, techniques and best practices for measuring and communicating the success of your ERG programs.


State of Corporate Purpose 2024

In this webinar, you'll learn the top five trends defining the future of social impact and understand why companies are moving from a reactive CSR approach...


Social Impact Trends and Takeaways from Benevity Live! 2024

Discover the five biggest social impact trends of 2024. See how leading companies are driving positive outcomes and business value through impact programs.

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