Always Be Prepared: How to Plan Your Disaster and Crisis Relief Strategy

When it comes to disaster relief, time is of the essence. Companies who have a plan in place are able to mobilize their people and act within hours—when it matters most.

While some events are completely unexpected, the unfortunate reality is that disasters — from fires and floods to earthquakes and more — have become yearly occurrences. And to respond effectively and efficiently to these events, preparation will be key.

Having a plan in place allows you to focus your efforts, engage your employees and customers and ultimately do the most good for nonprofits — as quickly as possible.


In this guide, we’ll walk through how to create a corporate disaster relief plan, including:

  • Key questions you need to ask to create a plan
  • What tools and technology are required to act quickly
  • How to leverage your existing budget to amplify your impact

Make sure your company is ready to respond when disaster strikes.

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