Today’s Guide to Workplace Giving Success


Want to get more engagement in your workplace giving program? Has your company made a commitment to workplace giving, employee engagement or simply doing good? If so, you may have already discovered it’s not always easy to achieve the goals you set out. Especially in a workplace that will soon be dominated by millennials, the rules of the game have shifted and you could probably use a revised rulebook right about now. Using real data from our Fortune 1000 clients, we developed a free e-book that will help you navigate the path to growing a modern, engagement-focused program. In here, you’ll find six key strategies to grow participation in your giving program:

1. Make giving personal

2. Make giving easy

3. Make it a perfect match

4. Kick-start participation with incentives

5. Unite giving and volunteering

6. Internationalize your program

Fostering more engagement with your people while driving business and social impact has never been easier.