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Benevity’s Corporate Goodness Awards, also known as “The Goodies,” celebrate the bold, innovative, inclusive and creative ways our clients are making a difference in the world — and how they’re lighting the way for others.

Last year’s Goodies finalists demonstrated powerful impact, contributing $145 million in donations, $64 million in grants and 2 million volunteer hours between them.

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Goodies  award categories

 There are 9 different awards to celebrate all the ways you do good. Where do you shine? Whether it is creating connections with nonprofits or getting creative with your approach to Goodness, there's an award for it.


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Winners announced on May 11 at Benevity Live!

The 2023
Goodie Awards Guide

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Why you should apply

You’ve created a world of good this year and the Goodies is your opportunity to reflect on — and celebrate — just how much that work means to you, your company and the communities you serve.

What makes a Goodie Award winner?

Goodie Award winners embody five guiding principles to create unprecedented social and business impact
— principles every company can live by.

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Be bold

These changemakers aren’t afraid to try new things, pivot when needed and pave the way for others.

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Grow the pie

These truly progressive brands have a positive-sum mindset that opens the doors to creating more Goodness vs. just philanthropy.

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Give voice
to your stakeholders

Goodies winners are masters of empowerment — taking a democratized and personalized approach that creates movements.

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Care about
the how

These folks are filling the “purpose gap” between why and how, driving more efficiency and scale for both their companies and nonprofits.


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Focus on authentic impact

The ultimate goal for these leaders is to generate real impact and action, not just a good PR story.


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The 2022 Goodies winners

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