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Getting started with CSR just got easier

Building a CSR program from the ground up can feel challenging, maybe even a little intimidating. But we’ve got everything — the resources, experience and technology — to help you build a successful, impactful program whether you’ve done this before or not.

Did you know?

74% of growing companies had no prior program before launching with Benevity.

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One platform to engage your employees

You can run all your giving, volunteering and social impact initiatives in a single place, making it easy for you to manage and even easier for your people to use. We have built best practices right in to our platform, so you can make it fun and engaging for your employees to find their purpose and make an impact — even if you’re working with a modest budget.


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Get more insights on how to build a business case for purpose and secure support across your company, plus proven program design strategies to help you create a ton of impact for your people and your business.

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Support for your small but mighty team

CSR is sometimes a department of one or two, or not a department at all but someone running it off the side of their desk. Sound familiar? We’ve got you! Our team offers you the best practices, resources and support you need to launch, scale and grow your program for maximum impact.
Running initiatives is as easy as cut-and-paste

We know you don’t have time to research and vet nonprofits, write campaign content or keep up with how quickly the world is changing. That’s why we deliver ready-made activation kits when you need them and plenty of program planning tools to help you run a vibrant, responsive program all year round.

No more spreadsheets!

Your program can go a long way to building an engaged, satisfied and loyal employee base, but it can be difficult to get there without the right technology in place. Swapping out spreadsheets for an all-in-one platform makes it easier to automate, scale and manage your program so that you can realize your social and business impact.

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