Best Practices from Goodness Matters | Benevity (3)

Thought Leadership, Best Practices and How-Tos in Corporate Purpose

The BIG Trends in Corporate Purpose

Hear about the BIG trends in corporate purpose from Bryan de Lottinville

Benevity: Getting Down to Business

Get down to (Benevity) business with CEO Kelly Schmitt and CIO Sona Khosla

Benevity's Product Vision

Our CTO Steve will give you a look into our product vision and how we’ll power future Goodness.

Insights from Benevity’s Goodness Matters conference

Each year, at Goodness Matters, hundreds of the most purpose-driven brands gather to celebrate the good they’re doing and look at the trends shaping the good that’s yet to come. Here are the insights, tools and strategies that you can use to elevate your purpose and programs. Ready to see what all the hype is about?
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Small Actions, Big Impact: A Path to Success in the Virtual World

Your people want more ways to unite and support their communities. See how you can build connection and culture in a virtual setting — one act of Goodness at a time.

What’s Now & What’s Next in Benevity Grants

Get a view into all of the recent investments we’ve made in Benevity Grants to help you get more efficient and create greater impact with your community investments.

What’s Now & What’s Next in Spark

See how you can drive more impact through our latest Spark enhancements, including automated volunteer time tracking, program benchmarking and the Benevity app.

Growing the Power of Goodness Through Volunteering

TELUS and Ciena shifted to virtual volunteering and pivoted their program design, leading to record volunteering engagement and impact.

What’s Now, What’s Next Versaic

Dig into the latest enhancements to Versaic by Benevity’s industry-leading ecosystem, including our best-in-class vetting and global funds distribution.

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